Is Terminix Pest Control Pricing Affordable?

With a long history of pest control and an extensive satisfied customer base, Terminix Pest Control is undoubtedly a great option for your home and office pest needs. Started as a termite control experiment in the research laboratory of E.L. Bruce in the 1920s, now Terminix is known as one of the leading pest control companies in the United States.

The company offers comprehensive protection from a range of pests includes rodents, spiders, ants, termites, earwigs, and other common invaders. Termite Pest Control operates in 48 states from its 300 branches and franchises across the country.

Because of 90 years of experience, expertise certified team, and innovative solution, Terminix services more than 2.8 million customers every year. In addition, the company also develops new pest control technology for the government, scientific publications, and lectured to scientific groups of different nations.

Yes, it is an excellent choice for pest control for sure but what about Terminix Pest Control Pricing? Which factors influence it cost? If you are going through the same confusion, don’t worry, here we mentioned every important detail about Terminix Pest Control Pricing to clear your confusion?

Which Services affect Terminix Pest Control Pricing?

Terminix provides different services options to its customers include- basic pan, quarterly treatment, annual treatment, commercial services, termite bonds, and more. Few options also come with additional services options that directly affect Terminix Pest Control Pricing.

Basic Pest Control

The basic pest control of Terminix Pest control provides coverage of over 10 common household pests, including:

House” AntsRatsSilverfishMice
CockroachesClothes MothsCentipedes&MillipedesPaper Wasps
Spiders (Excludes black widow and brown recluse)House CricketsScorpionsEarwigs

While this limited pest portfolio might be enough to handle the limited pest problems that you are experiencing in the home. This plan does not include other common pests including ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. To get rid of these pests, you must by a premium plan that affects Terminix Pest Control Pricing.

Termite Control

Terminix is known for its excellent termite control activity that removes infestation from the core level. Following a free property inspection to locate the signs of infestation, affected areas, and species of termites, technicians will design a treatment plan to protect your house. Treatment comes with three different options that depend on your specific needs. The company will continue annual monitoring as long as you keep active the plan. This monitoring does not affect Terminix Pest Control Pricing but the service option does.

Termite Bond

Termite Bond offer by Terminix is a special service or a contract that protects from new termite damage. In other words, new damage that happens within the contract period will be covered by the company. Most termite binds only provide extra treatments but Terminix’s termite bond also includes the cost to repair new damage. This is a special service that does not affect Terminix Pest Control Pricing of other pest control services.

Bedbugs Control

The other prominent service of Terminix is BedBugs Control that comes with its own 30-day satisfaction guarantee that makes sure customers get full protection bedbug infestation. If pests come back within 30 days after initial treatment, Terminix will come back to re-treat the areas free of costs. If mattress encasements are bought and fitted in the home though, the guarantee can be extended to 90 days. The guarantee does not affect the Terminix Pest Control Pricing of the service.

Which Factors Affect Terminix Pest Control Pricing?

Size of the Property– The bigger property requires a huge quantity of pesticides and other materials to treat the area which directly affects Terminix Pest Control Pricing.

Location– Areas with specific weather conditions like hot and humid Florida, provide perfect conditions for pests to thrive which may result in multiple species infestation.

Types of Pest– Some pests are easy to remove while some require special treatments. Types of pests also affect your choice of treatment, for common pests like ants and cockroaches, you can select basic pack. But for tuff pests termites, you may require special treatment that directly affects Terminix Pest Control Pricing.


Terminix is an experienced player of this industry that offers quality services to both residential and commercial customers. So, when you compare the experience, expertise, assurance, knowledge, and efficiency of Terminix’s Services with others, its cost is quite affordable. So, yes Terminix Pest Control Pricing is affordable.

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